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Misbehaving dog not listening? We can help. Here are a few common problems we can help fix: Pulling on the leash during walks, jumping on guests, potty accidents, biting, barking, digging and more!

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Venture Canine, LLC

We train any size, breed, and age of dog. Our training style is relationship based where we use motivational training to teach behaviors and build engagement before layering on training tools. Our focus for dogs that come through our program is clear communication, long lasting reliability, willingness and cooperation, motivation, and an emotionally balanced dog.

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About Our Trainers

Alyssa Corcoran is the founder and head trainer at Venture Canine. She first got into dog training after doing private lessons with one of her dogs. From then on, her passion for training sparked and she became a trainer quickly after. She was working for a franchise training company and after a couple years of being there, realized that their methodologies did not align with how she wanted to train anymore. She took courses at The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers and moved up to Reno, NV to Intern and work with Courtney Dill at Sierra Canine Training. As her passion continued to grow, she started her own company and is striving to change the game on quality pet dog training.

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“Our Irish Doodle, Rusty, came from a farm where he had no structure and was constantly with a sibling dog until 5 months old, when we got him. He was very nervous and had no confidence in new situations. If we told him ‘No’ he would be devastated and run away and hide. He had never been on a leash and would react to any and all people or dogs. After training with Alyssa, he is so much more confident, walks on a leash right by our sides without reacting to dogs or people, knows and follows commands and biggest of all is not scared or nervous about everything new.”
Danielle D.
“Diesel is now the most well behaved dog! I can walk him for long walks and he isn't dragging me down the street or charging cars. He listens to commands now and he is a much calmer and happy dog. If you are dealing with a dog that you are struggling with we highly recommend Sierra Canine training. Our Diesel dog is truly a member of our family and now having him act respectfully, and responsibly makes him such a joy to have around!”
Tim R.

Our Training Programs




Our Program Rates

Puppy programs start off at $2,300. This is intended for puppies 8-16 weeks of age. We focus on potty training, crate training, enrichment, confidence building and basic obedience. Your puppy with be exposed to different environments, noises, surfaces and will have opportunities to socialize around people and other dogs.

Board and train programs start at $4,000. Our most popular program is our 4 week program and is intended for dogs 5 months and older who struggle with leash pulling, jumping, over excitement, and barking. Our program focuses on building a relationship with your pet through motivational training throughout the training process and then eventually layering on training tools (ecollar) for reliability on and off the leash. We focus on relationship building, confidence building, basic obedience with duration/distractions (recall, sit, down, place), loose leash walking, and ecollar foundations. 6-8 week programs are available and are suggested for dogs who struggle with anxiety, reactivity, aggression, and resource guarding

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